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Start Your Theme Business with StartBox

We have been talking with lots of people interested in starting their own WordPress theme business. Now, with the launch of, the opportunities for theme developers and designers to earn a healthy income have really grown. And with the recent news of MSN Spaces shutting down and moving to WordPress, an estimated 30 million new users may be in the market for a custom design or new themes. The door is wide open!

Brian and I have been discussing how we can best serve a community and growing need. We are both passionate about helping others start successful businesses and making a living, and we really would like to see more artisans (developers/designers) craft beautiful products for WordPress. This means StartBox will be making some changes.

Your New Best Friend

Our core focus is to be a designer’s and developer’s best asset. We want to equip you with the right tools to launch your business and become a resource for your long-term success.

StartBox is the best platform for you to rapidly create premium WordPress themes. It cuts a ton of work from back-end development and allows you to focus specifically on designing feature-rich themes. Because StartBox is a stable framework, we provide assurance that your themes will work with the most popular plug-ins, browsers, and all future releases of WordPress. We also provide friendly support and in-depth documentation in a variety of formats so, if you get stuck, we are here to help!

A Brand New Price

Starting today, you can purchase a StartBox license for $75.00!

We believe this new price will provide you with a cost-effective chance to get going and creating right away. And think about it – a single theme sale could pay for your entire subscription to StartBox! What’s even more exciting is that we are on the verge of launching WP Design Coach as a part of our business network. WPDC will provide the training you need to grow your business and technical skills.

And Let’s Sweeten the Deal

Purchase a copy of Starbox today and you’ll get a $25 discount towards a ThemeGarden membership.

We have partnered Jason Schuller from ThemeGarden to help give you a head start on selling your WP themes. Please note that for quality assurance purposes there is an approval process for ThemeGarden sellers. Purchasing StartBox does not guarantee you a seller account.

Lastly, if you aren’t completely satisfied with StartBox and it’s potential within the first 30 days, we want to give you a full refund. So, what do you have to lose?

Purchase StartBox

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  1. You mean that what I produce with SB could be sold on a marketplace? Doesn’t it need to include the whole SB framework to work? With other frameworks I have to give my clients the framework itself for my theme to work, so my license is actually lend to them to use it. If I talk about 10, 20 clients, the ones I could get as a local freelance, it looks ok but if I sell the theme on a marketplace I could have hundreds of customers and all of them will have my SB license at the foundation of their website…
    Unless, of course, the final theme will actually be independent from the SB framework, which would be fabulous and very useful.
    Please, explain me better how I could sell the themes produced with SB, thanks!

    • Hello Enrico!

      Basically, StartBox exists as a stand-alone theme and your theme would reference it as a template. So, users would need a copy of StartBox in order to use your theme. I’m working on something right now that should hopefully make it far easier to distribute your theme without fear of sharing your license, and that should be ready at the end of the month!

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