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Developing for Success

At WordCamp Chicago 2011 I presented on “Developing for Success -or- Any Fool Can Do This”. The talk encompassed how I took a leap of faith and launched StartBox and all of the challenges that come with that. Slides and resources are below.

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You Can Do This!

Starting and running a business is easier than you think, but there are a lot of overwhelming challenges that can really break you down if you don’t have a plan or perseverance. My goal in the presentation was to inspire others to realize they already have the tools and resources they need to get started today and succeed.

An important caveat is that you must define success for yourself. If you chase after someone else’s definition of success (or your perceived version of what they think success means) you will always fall short. Another important reminder is that you cannot define success by specific attainable goals. Those are goals, they are not a living definition of success.

How I Define Success

Personally, I define success as: Spending most of my time doing something I enjoy, while generating more revenue than debt, in positive and meaningful ways.

If I’m missing any one of those three components I’m not succeeding because I’m either spending most time doing something I don’t like, generating more debt than revenue, or doing negative or meaningless work. Bleh!

My Presentation Slides

My presentation slides are available at SlideShare.


Leverage the resources that are available to you, there are plenty:

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  1. Excellent points in your presentation. Perfectionism prevents so many people from working toward their goals. I’ve read and enjoyed many of the books you recommend; I like a mix of inspiration and practical advice. Here’s to your continued success, Brian!

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